Welcome To My World

I'm a self-employed, mid-career painter who's been working professionally since 1990. I was always a painter first, but I earned my initial living also working as a commercial screenprinter, graphic designer, art director and illustrator.  

I work in both realms of non-objective expressionism and various forms of realism and figurative illustration. After years of experimentation and exploration, I'm currently making hybrid imagery that integrates all of my individual experiences, musings, techniques and sensibilities into one unified body of work that I now sign under the moniker, "Johnny Paul Johnny Paul." I spontaneously began signing my canvases this way after a creative breakthrough in 2013.

As a philosopher, I'm naturally interested in the cosmos, theology and the meaning of life. I'm a spiritual person who isn't confined to a specific religion. Nor am I influenced by popular dogmas. I rather do my thinking for myself. I ask questions. I challenge beliefs. I seek truth. 

Nevertheless, I feel aware of myself being connected to a larger awareness. I am (like you are) manifest in human form and, as such, I am experiencing my personal point of consciousness. Just as you are yours. Divine consciousness.

Universal — the all and the everything. Alpha and Omega.


My art helps me see this. I find my inner child, my soul essence. My higher self. That which is immortal because it is, by itself, formless. That which is already one with Source.




I observe the duality of being both form and formless. Like binary code: ones and zeros. Now-here and Nowhere at the same time. You see? Yin and Yang. Two halves encircled by a magnetic force — a vortex of unity. Oneness. Balance.

So this is the meaning of my repeating brand. Johnny Paul Johnny Paul. It represents my inner and outer being. My physical and non-physical self. Body and soul.

From this philosophical point of departure I now follow Metaphysics alongside Quantum Physics and sciences like Epigenetics, Biomechanics, Neuroscience and Cosmology.

It's all related to art and the creative process. Each discipline exercises theory, experimentation, discovery and application. And all of these systems employ a common animating force.

This force is electromagnetic. It's a vibration and a frequency of sound, as I have learned from the science of Cymatics. Think of your beating heart. Consider the electromagnetic flow of your nervous system and your brain function. 


It's why our thoughts, our words and our actions have power. And, depending on their charge, they either give energy or take it away. Plus or minus? Open or closed? True or false?


For these reasons I also enjoy playing music. Piano is my hobby. I'm not well trained, mostly self taught. But I have some natural aptitude and I play because it's fun. It's math and rhythm. It keeps me sharp and cultivated. Have a listen.

Art Fair Carnies

In 2015, Brian Smith, my spouse (since 2011) and life partner (since 2000), and I began our art fair journey with a few local markets. We made significant sales and had promising success. 


The spring of 2016 began our first full season. Fully equipped with a new van, a new tent with pop-up gallery walls and a vibrant new inventory, we traveled the summer art festivals 

through Saint Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver and Des Moines —  sometimes with our beloved Boston Terrier, Chandler, in tow.

We have fun on the road and we enjoy the festive scenes engaging new fans and collectors. We meet new friends and find old ones along the way. Living, laughing and loving life.

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Email: tobejohnnypaul@gmail.com