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My favorite commissions are the big ones. I like to work on a large scale. I like the challenge of designing for a specific interior space or wall. I feel it gives the art greater purpose and practicality especially when it's for a public space like a library, convention center or hospital — a community win. I have created significant paintings for precisely those very installations as well as many home and office interiors.



Each project is unique, but the process is simple, efficient and deliverable on time and on budget: 

1) I meet my clients to discuss their needs, desires and ideas.

2) I assess the space, take measurements and a few photos.

3) I draft a general concept, maybe two or three, and review them with the client. Together we make edits as needed.

4) Once a design and its terms have been approved, I begin the project and carry it out according to the agreement.

5) Once completed, I deliver and install the project for you.

I always deliver on time and on budget. Contact me.

Open Books, Open Hearts, Open Minds (2008-09)

Oil on canvas — 9 ft.h x 24 ft.w

This sectional mural was created for the main entrance of the new Independence Public Library, built 2008 in Independence, Iowa. The mural celebrates the town's namesake as well as our freedom to read, share information and educate ourselves.  Look closely and find the large letters R-E-A-D hidden in the design.

James A. Tinker: Leader, Mentor, Friend (2007)

Oil on canvas — 60"h x 48"w

This portrait was commissioned by the board of trustees at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to commemorate Jim Tinker's 25 years of service as the hospital's administrator and CEO. An avid bird hunter, Tinker is pictured with his prized German Shorthairs, Ginger (left) and Lulu. The geomentric backdrop references some of the architectural attributes of Mercy's Lundy Pavilion, a vision made manifest under Tinker.  

Nature's Way (2010)

Oil and wood on wood panels — 60"h x 108"w

At Buchanan County Health Center in Independence, Iowa. This installation serves also as a donor recognition wall for patrons who supported BCHC's new trauma wing. Handcarved and painted 3-D faux stones from wood are attached intermittently on the surface of the bridge, which hold donor name cards. The panels, dedication plaque and Walnut frame were handcrafted by Independence cabinet maker, Rick Sorg. The total delivery price for this installation was $26,000.

Untitled (2012)

Oil on canvas — 48"h x 48"w

At Infinity Contact in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


In Concert (2013)

Oil on canvas — 120"h x 72"w

At the Alliant Power House Center/Double Tree Hotel in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This painting was commissioned by the City of Cedar Rapids Visual Arts Commission.

Pop Icon (2016)

Oil/mixed media collage on canvas — 72"h x 30"w

This unique painting was commissioned by collectors residing at the "Bottleworks" building in the NewBo district near downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The historic factory/warehouse building was a bottling facility for Hires brand root beer in the 1940's. The Bottleworks is now home to multiple condominium lofts.

Harbingers of Untold Calamity (2013)

Oil and collage on canvas — 54"h x 60"w

At a private home in Iowa City.

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Assimilation (2012)

Oil on canvas — 48"h x 48"w

At Infinity Contact in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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