What's New In 2018? 

Furthering my motivations to merge various experiences, musings and skill sets into a singular visual expression, I'm now working with something deeper that's emerging within. Something more complete. More "me". I've been reflecting on where I've been, on what I have enjoyed most about my work, myself and my many roles over the years.


Human Condition (2017)

Oil on canvas — 36"h x 48"w

Friends and followers know that I love the summer sun and spend the growing season engaged with nature. I enjoy long, early morning sits in the garden with coffee and birdsongs. I tend the hedges, flowers and vegetables that grow all around the house. So naturally my favorite summer flowers would eventually reveal themselves in my paintings. My first of this sort is Stargazer, a popular perennial lily.


In contrast, I'm also responding to socio-political challenges facing humanity today. We know what they are, and we're all affected by them in some way large or small. But notice that most of the turmoil we see doesn't really exist in our daily, first person experiences. We only think it does by a 24-hour mirage of dramatic and fearful "infotainment" loops.

What happens when you disengage the illusions of a brutal world beyond you and return fully to the peaceful world that IS you. I mean your world of hearth and home, friends and family. Your world of real peace and prosperity in your local community of neighbors, partners, clients and colleagues.

So I'm beginning to illustrate this point of view in a satirical narrative on canvas, which invites humor and my flare for cartooning to reveal themselves in more paintings like

Human Condition.

Stargazer (2017)

Oil on canvas — 72"h x 44"w

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